Get to know Ajira tracking

Good for drivers. Great for business.

From our offices spread across the country, the Ajira team is dedicated to giving our customers whatever they need to track and manage their fleets. Unlike other companies that require new rigorous contracts every time a few vehicles need to be added, and software companies that don’t have the dedicated help that Ajira provides, Ajira takes a hands-on team approach and is always available to provide our customers with assistance.

When evaluating GPS Fleet Tracking, customers find that only Ajira provides significant, real benefits to their businesses and their drivers. We are obsessed with ensuring our customers get all the benefits that the solution can deliver. Whether it be making their fleet safer, more efficient, or saving their business money, our team is dedicated to your success. We don’t just sell it and move on.

Ajira customers have relied on us since 2018 for GPS fleet tracking and asset tracking as we continually innovate to deliver more value month after month. While our eyes are always on the future of transportation, our current rapid growth is largely fueled by customers who rely on Ajira for all of their fleet tracking needs.